The Weird Girl

I'm Mackenzie a.k.a. Kenzie. I'm an art and writing hobbyist, a role player, comic geek (mainly DC), and I'm no where near normal.

I'm a 15-year-old odd ball that likes to play video games, do Pokémon calls/noises, and obsessive over a few things.

I don't have many friends. But I'd like to be friends if you want.
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My brain is a simple one.

This is beautiful. I want this on a shirt.

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This makes me smile and cringe at the same time


i made a bunch of nintendo console pixels that i’m gonna be selling at tomorrow (and maybe saturday??) @ MCAD’s minicon! ill probably put these up on a storenvy later on


This took way too long to make x u x


This took way too long to make x u x


Happy 25th birthday, Game Boy!

Game Boy Business Card Holder by The Daily Robot, available at Etsy.